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Sochacki Studios | Lake Katherine Photography Shoot - Sochacki Studios
Outdoor Photography at Lake Katherine takes on a whole new meaning as Sochacki Studios shoots an epic photoshoot on location inspired by the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales.
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Brothers Grimm at Lake Katherine


October 10, 2016


Adult Portraits, Special Assignments

About This Project

Sochacki Studios goes on location at Lake Katherine for photography portraits featuring familiar characters.

The months of Summer had passed, and the changing of season had begun. After several months of planning and test shooting, Sochacki Studios was ready to put everything together to photograph a modern version of the timeless Brothers Grimm fairy tales.

Starting early in the morning, everything from our portable strobes, speed lights, light modifiers, camera bodies and lenses were packed up one-by-one and loaded into vehicles for transportation to Lake Katherine.

Models arrived late in the morning for hair and make-up, and once everyone was ready, it was time to head off to the shoot.

We were looking to get some very dramatic shots that would stand out from the standard natural light photography typically shot at Lake Katherine. A combination of three 600 watt strobes, four speed lights, and a variety of light modifiers (including a giant 6-foot silver parabolic) were used to pull off a series of shots featuring colored, back-lit fog clouds.

As Halloween was approaching, we wanted to be sure that we paid homage to all the Grimm favorites, including Little Red Ridinghood, Maleficent, Rapunzel, Snow White and Goldilocks.

Despite the photoshoot starting in the middle of the day, having the strobe lights on location allowed us to overpower the ambient light and have total control overing our set-up. The shoot finally came to an end two hours after the sun set, with the final shots of the day featuring a second-look wardrobe for Red Ridinghood.

In all, the months of planning and test shooting were well worth it, and without the support of our volunteer crew of 11 people, a project like this would have been impossible.

After this experience, we’re looking forward to the end of Winter and a 2017 full of bigger-and-better personal projects like this!