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Sochacki Studios | Little Red Ridinghood Fairytale Photography
Sochacki Studios turns daytime into night with this childhood fairytale photoshoot.
child photography, child portrait photography, childhood fairytale photography, creative photography
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About This Project

Sochacki Studios took advantage of the Labor Day holiday weekend for pre-planning and testing for an upcoming night time Brothers Grimm conceptual photoshoot.

But, rather than wait for the sun to go down, Sochacki Studios decided to take the mid-day sun head-on with the intentions of making the day time shoot appear as if it was shot in the middle of the night.

Using our two favorite volunteers as stand-ins for our eventual models, a pair of high-power strobe lights with a variety of modifiers, a fog machine, and a few other tricks of the trade, we set about to create a convincing setting as it was originally imagined by The Brothers Grimm.

We hope you find them as compelling as we do and that you come back to visit the site once we post images from the full shoot later this month!


Children's Photography

Sochacki Studios takes a weekend opportunity to recreate a childhood fairytale in the middle of the day.


September 05, 2016


Children's Portraits, Photography, Special Assignments